Photo Gallery

The photo's below are what you will see as you tour eastern Prince Edward Island. Every corner you turn you will experience breathtaking views and discover what islanders get to enjoy in daily life.

Seal River Beach House offers lots to do without leaving the yard
The view from the beach house
Horseback riding minutes away
Confederation Trail
Snorkel for bar clams
Golf at one of the 27 PEI Golf Courses
Deep-sea fishing for your supper
Canadian Geese taking care of the heffers
Horses running in the clover
Kayaking in the bay
House pump in a field of Lupins
Bails of hay waiting to be picked up

Climb the red sand stone that surrounds the island.

Enjoy a swim in the river.

The country roads of PEI



When you can't find a fishing boat!

Everyone enjoys Basin Head Beach

Just one beach of the 35 of eastern PEI

Fields of PEI potatoes

Tuna fishing ... give it a try!

Fields of wild flowers



Be sure to look for the seals !!!